Introducing the Revitalized Beach Equities-- Honoring Tradition, Embracing the Future

 We are delighted to share some exciting news that we've been working on behind the scenes. As someone who has been a part of our journey, you know that Beach Equities has always been synonymous with trust, integrity, and excellence. Since its founding by Steve Fingerhut in 1972, our boutique brokerage has remained steadfast in our commitment to providing exceptional service to our clients.
     This season marks a significant milestone in our evolution as we unveil the refreshed identity of Beach Equities. We've taken great care to honor our rich heritage while infusing it with a dynamic new energy that reflects the ever-changing landscape of the industry. This refresh couldn't arrive at a better time, and it represents our dedication to staying true to our roots while embracing the endless possibilities that lie ahead.
     Building on more than 5 decades of expertise built by Steve, we thank you for your continued support of Beach Equities, and we look forward to sharing our new look - with continued excellence of service, in an ever-changing market. At Beach Equities, we are committed to continuously evolving and enhancing not just our brand, but our services, to better serve you - our valued clients and community.
With this in mind, we are delighted to share our visual brand refresh with you!
     A large undertaking, we wanted you to see and hear this news first. We'll be launching a new listing next week with the new branding signage – you'll want to keep an eye out for that! Next, in May, we attend a large estate planning and trust client conference in San Diego, where we will be rolling out more of the “fun swag," and you'll see the new branding come to fruition. By July, we'll have fully transitioned to the brand new look – and you'll want to keep an eye out for a July event announcement and Save The Date, when we'll celebrate the brand refresh along with a full year in our new office space! (We can't believe it's already been a year, either!)
As part of this refresh, we're introducing a new logo, sub-mark, and color palette that better represent who we are and what we stand for. These changes reflect the energy we feel for the future along with our ongoing dedication to innovation, and delivering exceptional experiences to all of you.
A few other items of note that we've added to our business & website recently--
   1. Beach Equities Anti-Trust Statement (as a response in an evolving 
“Proposed NAR Settlement” professional landscape. Please don't hesitate to call us if you have questions about these. We've read the 100+ page proposed settlement agreement and are prepared to ACT on your behalf in a changing landscape – but don't believe the headlines! And nothing has been formally approved, yet.
   2. Beach Equities Gives Back - this is not new to our company, but it IS new to our website. A portion of all fees earned is donated to Give Back Homes to support housing in underserved communities, locally as well as globally.
   3. Beach Equities Instant CASH Offers for Sellers
Sell your property with an "instant" cash offer, and eliminate the need to list your home on the open market. Avoid prep, staging, showings, open houses, and repairs, and move on your schedule. It’s really easy!
   4. Beach Equities “Buy With CASH” Offers to compete w investors:
Are you tired of losing to cash buyers? We'll buy the home you want with our cash and sell it back to you when your financing is ready. Shop, negotiate, and write offers with the power of cash. If you can get approved for a mortgage you can get approved to become a cash buyer. Simply get approved for a mortgage. Find your dream home. Then replace our cash with your financing.
Change has arrived for Beach Equities and it is here for our industry on a whole, too. As in the past, who you trust for your real estate needs is becoming even more important than ever! Our boutique independence has served us well for 50+ years and will continue to do so as we have the ability to change course instantly, as needed. Experience still matters, to win the best results for you, and for your respective clients as well.

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