My Big 2023 Plans - All The Info You Need to Know

Can I get real with you?

You may have heard me say that I truly believe I’m at my best when my back is to the wall and I’m thrust into “go-time” mode.

And right now, the real estate industry kinda feels like we’re under attack – high interest rates, decreasing demand, agents scrambling and changing brokerages (or leaving entirely), along with overall economic uncertainty… not to mention the fact that 64% of households comfortably have a mortgage rate of 3 percent or less.

But there’s good news, too. Here’s what I know from my own firsthand perspective… agents who are doing the right things are still in business helping their clients get where they want to go, despite all of the market challenges.

So I’ve been challenging myself to find the best way to serve more clients in 2023. And I’m excited to announce … the Beach Equities Basics Educational series. The BE2 series.

Honestly, we're always in the mindset of "back-to-basics" as an entire business philosophy. But we're implementing it as full strategy in 2023 and I'm getting back to the basics of being regularly face-to-face with all of my clients & colleagues in 2023!

That’s right… I’m thrilled to announce my live event series - The Beach Equities Basics Educational series, starting now in Long Beach and continuing to all corners of (mostly Southern) California throughout 2023. (Some dates and locations are now available; more will be added/announced)

And in today’s blog, I want to tell you more about why I think it’s important, who it’s really for, and show you what you can expect when you join me on one of these Beach Equities Basics Educational series BE2 events! 

Why We Need the In-Person Events Right Now

In this market environment, in 2023, we are delivering more value than ever before. And in seeing what our clients are up against, I knew that I had to step up my game, too.

Even for experienced agents like myself, the plays that worked yesterday to get our clients to the end of a successful transaction and beyond, are generating less "successful" results today. But as a Broker/Owner who works directly with some of the most successful real estate agents in the county, and world, I’ve seen the plays that are working today, time and time-again. And I know that these plays can be systematized and replicated by anyone willing to do the work. Locally, being in the Top 30 real estate agents in Long Beach, means we are consistently out-performing the competition, and that we are always in good company with our peers and colleagues -- of top professionals in the city.

I’ve always known that success leaves clues, but the market of now demands that you are working with a professional who has more than a clue of where you’re headed. You need true expertise based on massive experience. And at Beach Equities Basics Educational (& some social) event series, that’s exactly what we’re going to build together, so that you know what to do and at what stage of the process, and how we're going to get you there.

An Event for Serious Buyers/Sellers Only?

I should say right off the bat that this series is not for everyone, and that’s because this is not a market for everyone.

When times are uncertain, people will always turn to the leaders of the market for clarity. It’s the serious buyers and the serious sellers, the ones who are willing to take action when most people stand still in uncertainty,  And we will lead you through this time to your success in an bit uncertain market.

That’s why this series is only for serious buyers and serious sellers -- because we must focus our true talent and effort on our clients who are fully committed to their success in the next 12 - 14 months.

An Event for Only Trust & Estate Professionals?

As you know, in addition to all of our amazing clients who are regularly buying, selling, and investing, we are also the experts to call for any type of transaction that is probate & trust - related. This includes conservatorship and court-ordered partition actions as well as probates requiring court confirmation. Don't be fooled by agents calling themselves "certified" -- what that means is they had to pay for and take a class for "someone" to "certify" them in a type of sale that they don't know, don't eat, sleep & breathe, and certainly, simply, can't represent you, better. And our Beach Equities Basics Educational BE2 series is going to  have specialized events specifically for our professional trustees, pro-fids, conservators, attorneys, forensic accountants, financial planners, and home health care professionals -- and there will be events FOR them -- as well as events brining THEM to YOU, our amazing clients who need their services, too!

My Buddies are Coming Too

Oh, and did I mention that I’m not hosting alone?

I’m bringing with me some partners whose innovative strategies are working today to support your & your clients' wealth. This is no time for theoretical training in this market, and what we'll hash out with our partners is our exact play-by-play strategies -- whether you are buying your first home, investing in your 100th property, or selling for top dollar, or selling a probate, trust, conservatorship, or partition-action sale that requires exceptionally unique expertise & experience.

Also… And I’m very excited about this…

I’ll be joined for the summer portion of the events by none other than the First Vice President of Merrill Lynch Special Needs Team, Donovan Filpi! Our professional trustee clients already know how much value he delivers with his team and the events we’ve co-hosted in the past, but for the Summer Series of Beach Equities BEBasics Educational (and social) events, he’s offering up something he’s NEVER DONE BEFORE.

Only at our "Summer Series," the clients who attend will get access to specialized market data. He’s going to show you what’s happening nationally, what’s happening in our hometown, and how the two impact each other, as well as some surprising insights specifically for our trust + estate clients.

This is a big deal, so you’re not going to want to miss your chance to secure a spot at the Summer Series Beach Equities Basics Educational (and sometimes social) event series. BE2

And So Much More 

These might be brief events, but I can promise you that it will be a truly impactful time for anyone who attends. There is honestly too much for me to describe here, but I encourage you to check out the full agenda (once available) to learn more.

And just a heads-up, because this is a more intimate event, seating will be limited and reservations will book up fast, so I encourage you to plan to book yours now -- and to join our interest list.

After so much planning, it’s good to finally have this off my chest! Hope you’re as excited as I am and I hope that I’ll see YOU at BE2 - Beach Equities Basics Educational (and social) events series in 2023!

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