Selling A Home in Probate (or in a Trust Administration)

Paige Fingerhut Charnick: Your Trusted Probate Expert

In the intricate realm of Probate and Trust Real Estate, navigating the process seamlessly requires expertise and actual experience. As an Executor, Trustee, or Administrator, you're faced with a myriad of unexpected tasks and complexities. That's where we step in. With Paige Fingerhut Charnick's long-standing expertise, selling Probate or Trust Real Estate becomes a(n almost) stress-free journey.

A Few Of The Ways We Can Assist You:

  1. Referral to long-standing professionals like attorneys, CPAs, or financial planners
  2. Detailed review of the chain of title with our preferred title and escrow vendors who are experts in these types of transactions as well.
  3. Expert contract structure to protect your liability in consultation - and without incurring additional expense - with your probate attorney

As experinced agents in this arena, we feel the need to caution you if you find agents marketing the following types of items in their service list:

  1. Repairs, of any kind
  2. Solicitation of and/or review of bids from contractors
  3. Managing personal property (we help with this through vendor referral) -- having a 3rd party involved is important
  4. Supervision of rehabilitation work -- real estate agents are not licensed contractors nor are they project managers
  5. City inspections should almost always be avoided and waived by a buyer in this type of sale. Nor should an agent be recommending you open this liability up.
  6. Professional negotiation (& escrow oversight) is literally our job - this shouldn't be itemized as a bonus
  7. Realtors don't "represent you" in court -- nor do we practice law, nor is it "required" we be present for a "court confirmation" hearing ... feel free to ask us more about this topic!

Steve Fingerhut, our Founder, has been a lifetime member of the Long Beach Estate Planning Council, since its inception, over 40 years. Paige, his daughter, and Broker of Record, continues the tradition. While we're honored to have been asked, we do not hold board positions as we feel it's a potential conflict of interest. But you can find our esteemed colleagues and excellent attorneys, CPAs, financial planners, and more, with this esteemed group.

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