While a lot has changed since Safer At Home Orders were issued, and then lifted ... what has remained the same is opportunity in the market. With a lack of inventory in California - certinaly not helped by Covid - buyers' main opportunities are two-fold right now. First, you are in an advantageous position to get a truly historic interest rate! And second, working with the right team of experts savvy in negotiation with a strong network, finding the home you love is NOT impossible. Very simply put, some of the initial questions we'll ask you:

First, we keep you safe:

  • Supplies! masks, gloves & sanitizer abounds for showings. We'll strategize based on your comfort level and which homes are occupied v. vacant.
  • What is your personal timeframe + comfort zone? We'll utilize zoom video calls as well as electronic document signatures. Property viewings can be done virtually if needed. With things starting to open up, this will likely be a case by case, property by property, county by county, conversation.
  • With showings requirements strict - including proof of funds and prequalifications, we'll work to get you prequalified with a lender ASAP so you'll be ready to view homes that others won't.

Second, we strategize: 

  • What is your ideal home like? We'll determine this and gear our search specifically to your needs.
  • We'll optimize private "Coming Soon" listings that only Realtors can view to know about potential homes for you BEFORE they hit the market.
  • In a regular purchase, we typically start with needs v wants. In a luxury purchase, we will also look closely at price range as well as budget for remodel and lending guidelines.  In a probate or trust purchase of  "Grandma's house" condition, the conversation will likely begin around a discussion of cash on hand for repairs and remodel. And in a probate or trust purchase in "hoarder home" condition, you're probably a cash investor and that is a different conversation entirely which we are well-positioned for as probate listing experts for almost 50 years!

Finally, we negotiate offers & navigate escrow smoothly to closing day!

There is so much more that goes into our success for our clients but we like to keep you from feeling overwhelmed!

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