While a lot has changed since Safer At Home Orders were issued, and then lifted ... what has remained the same is opportunity in the market. With a severe lack of inventory in California - worsened by Covid - sellers are in an advantageous position to earn top dollar right now. Very simply put with some of the initial questions we'll ask you:

First, we keep you safe & make a plan.

  • Will the home be occupied or vacant?
  • What is your personal timeframe?

Second, we market virtually, and heavily.

  • Who is your ideal buyer? We'll determine this and gear our marketing specifically to him/her/them.
  • How does the home show and what's the first impression?  In a regular sale, we typically start with cleaning and de-cluttering. In a luxury sale, we will also look closely at price range positioning, as well as top selling aesthetics. In a probate or trust sale in "Grandma's house" condition, the conversation will likely begin around an Estate Sale discussion for personal property. And in a probate or trust sale in "hoarder home" condition, you're probably going to want to just hand over the key and let us do the rest!

Finally, we negotiate offers & navigate escrow smoothly to closing day!

There is so much more that goes into our success for our clients but we like to keep you from feeling overwhelmed!

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